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About Us

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Meeple Shirts is a small t-shirt business located in Colorado, USA. It was founded by me (Justin Farr) and exists to provide high quality shirts and other ‘meeple’ themed gear to the table top gaming community. The artwork you’ll find on our products is original and is created by some of my friends from all around the world.

I love table top gaming and hope that Meeple Shirts will strike up conversations, help connect gamers, and introduce others to our beloved hobby.

Thank you for checking us out and please contact me if there’s anything I can do for you!


Justin Farr


TRUE STORY: I like to stop by the local thrift stores and do what I call a ‘Game check’. My kids always groan when I shout, ‘Game Check’! But I believe deep down inside they’ve come to love our impromptu stops to see if there are any board games that we can snag for a deal. (I actually found Mystery of the Abbey once for $4!)

While shopping the gaming section, I often see other people and wonder if they’re into board gaming too. On more than one occasion I’ve actually asked if they were! Every time they would give me a really confused expression followed by a lets-go-kids-this-guy-is-probably-a-predator look!

Therefore, I’ve often thought it would be nice if there was a way to tell if someone liked table top games!

Those small events mixed with other passions are what led to the birth of Meeple Shirts! I hope you enjoy our products.  :)