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Power to the Meeple! In the year 2015 "Meeple" was officially added to the Oxford dictionary. And according to Top Shelf Fun, A "meeple" is a little wooden pawn used in modern day board gaming to represent a player. It originated in the wonderful tile-placement game Carcassonne. "Meeple" is believed to be a combination of the words "my" and "people."

With table top gaming growing in popularity, this iconic game piece is too. Table top gaming crosses boundaries, it unites us. POWER TO THE MEEPLE.

      Men's / Unisex Sizing Chart

      Small 38 inches 28 inches
      Medium 41 inches 29 inches
      Large 44 inches 30 inches
      X-Large 48 inches 31 inches
      XX-Large 52 inches 32 inches
      XXX-Large 56 inches 33 inches
      4X-Large ? inches ? inches

      Women's Sizing Chart

      NOTE: Women's sizes run about 1 size smaller than you'd normally wear. So if you usually wear a medium, you should order a large.

      Small 16 inches 26 1/4 inches
      Medium 16 3/4 inches 26 3/4 inches
      Large 17 3/4 inches 27 3/8 inches
      X-Large 18 3/4 inches 28 5/8 inches

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