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    Great Gifts

    Potion Of Absolutely Stocious Pint Glass

    Giant Robo Printing is committed to providing our customers awesome designs for what they're passionate about. If you love Dungeons and Dragons this is the craft beer glass for you. Stocious is just another word for slammed, sloshed, pissed or drunk. Whichever term you choose to use, our Potion of Absolutely Stocious Pint Glass is a perfect vessel to get stocious.

    Our designs are sandblasted into the glass. This means the design is 100% dishwasher safe. With this technique, the design is crisp and clear on this DnD glass. The process adds great depth to the design of the glass making it look like high-quality glass. With a 16oz carrying capacity of whichever beverage you choose, our glasses are always made lead-free for the safety of our customers.