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    Board Game Club Spirit Wear Store

    Are you in a board game group? Do you have your own logo or design for your group? How about a blog or board gaming podcast? If you have a group of people that you know would be interested in some cool swag with your logo on it, we would love to work with you.  We can create you your very own board game club spirit wear store where we do all the work and you and your audience gets all the swag.

    Meeple Shirts is owned by Giant Robo Printing, a full service print shop with ton's of printing capabilities beyond just t-shirts and hoodies. We can offer screen printing, digital printing, pad printing, glass etching, dye sublimation, embroidery and more.  There are 1000's of options we can't cover them all on this page. 

    But what about minimums? Well, some printing methods still come with minimums but many have none.  We can print them on demand and ship out within days of you ordering. No more do you need to hit a magic number for every item you want to sell.  If it's an item that has to hit a certain number before we can produce it, we will let you know, otherwise, there is no minimum and no commitment from you or your club.

    How are the items priced? We have two options for you.  We can list the items at our normal printshop/wholesale rate.  With this option, your members come to the site, place their order, we ship it and that's the end of it.  The second option is to list the items at a higher retail price point and you can use it as a fundraising opportunity.  Your member/customer pays the standard retail rate for an item, we ship it like normal and then at the end of the month, we cut you a check for the commission (the difference between the wholesale rate and the retail rate).

    Where is the shop located? You have options there as well.  If your club already has a website, we can set it up as a subdomain,, for example. If you don't have a website, we can set it up as a subdomain of meepleshirts.  Don't like either of those options? Well you can register a brand new domain for your shop if you want or we can host it on one of our other sites.  There are a lot of possibilities.

    Here are some Example Sites

    If this sounds like something either you or your club would be interested in, than it's probably best to talk through your options (either via email or phone) and come up with the best solution.

    Interested? Great, email and let's figure out the best way to get you setup.