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5 Reasons To Own a Meeple Mug...

There are all kinds of reasons to own a Meeple Mug.  Here are the first 5 we thought of...

1. Self Defense.

Are you kidding me?  What could be better in a dangerous situation than owning heavy piece of glassware filled with extremely hot liquid?  Your Meeple Mug is as good as having your own body guard.  Meeple Fans are not to be messed with, and we've got the mugs to prove it.

2.  To have better manners...


At some offices it's considered poor form to drink directly from the coffee pot.  Having a Meeple Mug will not only allow you to leave the break-room with your coffee, it will also satisfy more traditional co-workers who expect you to be a bit more refined.  Careful though, next they'll expect you to use a tissue to blow your nose.

3. To be more musical...

Who can get enough of that 4 1/2 year old "Cups" song from Pitch Perfect?  Nobody, that's who.  Dazzle the world around you with your a cappella singing skills, and fancy mug slinging!  With a few months of practice, you'll be performing at the same level as an uncoordinated 12 year old girl!

4. To make a scene...

For our dramatic customers, you might be interested to know that throwing a cup of coffee across the room makes a REALLY bold statement.

Note:  Make sure to throw it away from all board games, and purchase multiple Meeple Mugs in case you want to throw multiple fits.

5.  To stay up later!

More coffee = More board games. 

A Meeple Mug = Looking awesome while drinking coffee. 

Enough said?

Click below to see all our Meeple Mugs, and add to your list of reasons to own a Meeple Mug today!